Director, Classified Lane, Nirichman Limited
Sita Onyia, on the surface, is an extremely accomplished director at Classified Lane , the Nirichman Group, HOS with experience in the Legal profession, who is currently managing  portfolios. She considers herself an Enterprenur who takes on various ventures and turns them into successful businesses. As such, she is currently part of the Nirichman group and HOS producing high healthy, enduring results for high echelon clients, But more than her legal training, Miss Sita Alexandra Onyia is a person who influences and persuades top ranking people; whose opinion is highly respected and trusted.

Miss Onyia is currently training in the legal profession. Her past includes a year in New york working as a model doing runway shows and photo shoots. It was there that she developed her passion for and appreciation for fashion where, in addition to working in business has created the lingerie line. As a director at Nirichman a company with a 5 year projection double its value she is well position for future watch as a force to be reckoned with.

Her current interest is emerging markets most recent renewable energy. She also has interest in the third world, which is rooted in humanitarian concerns, as reflected by the future project missions building schools and orphanages Africa . It is there, that her heart lies.
Miss Alexandra Onyia is currently liasing with leaders and high-ranking decision makers in international public policy.
She hosts an annual garden party where she invites top players to challenge her, converse with her all focused on changing and improving the environment. Miss Alexandra’s ultimate goal is to become a national policy adviser, using her drive and untiring commitment to bring greater autonomy and dignity to the people of the developing world. With an interest in Public Policy, she is
Surrounded by a team of industry expert with more than 25 years of successful experience in Business Development, Miss Onyia has a proven ability to foster relationships with senior executives for Building opportunities.


The Road to the £5million investment 2018

CLS have enabled businesses to channel resources into crucial infrastructure projects by allowing them to take advantage of top-class services that are driving forward the economy.

More than money will be saved by businesses in 2018 across the country, unlocking development and paving the way for innovation as well as providing a significant boost to the UK’s smallbusiness sector.

This significant of the investment?

CLS head of Marketing Rachel Chambers said:

This just shows what can be achieved when you marry ground-breaking ambition with smart incentives. The investment will deliver world-class services that ensures CLSs continues to attract brilliant companies, creating jobs and delivering real benefits to hard-working people.

It’s proof our long-term economic plan is on track and I know for a fact this is just the beginning.


Led by local businesses partnerships and councils, the CLS zones are going from strength to strength with recent numbers showing record uses by new businesses and generated interest from private investors.

The CLS offer a range of business incentives to help companies grow, including super-fast services.

Kate Forbes from the CLS  said:

Many of the benefits of using the CLS are well known –CLS relief to businesses, has been great.

Our exploitation of this financial model is unique in the country. We have developed a £5 million investment plan that has already started t within the CLS zone and will help to transform Small businesses in the UK.

The impact will not stop there however, with £5 million of Investment allocated to support the development of an easy access programe for small businesses, The CLS Parallel Hub for local enterprise partnership-wide for day to day running. This is an exciting time for the UK, and CLS is helping to fuel this renaissance.

Furthermore, companies moving to enterprise zones will benefit from improved access to more markets and clients thanks to the overhaul of CLS

With 90% of Small businesses would benefit from this, the CLS Investment Strategy is vital for small businesses economic revival and will increase profits.